First Post

I find the first blog post a person ever does, is always the most awkward, as there is little to talk about, and, well, no one exactly reads this. So… I’d like to say Hi!! to the people who may be actually reading this, and most likely thinking I’m kinda strange. By the way, my dog is staring at herself in the mirror right now, therefore I am extremely distracted (as well as fascinated) so this blog post might not be my best. Sorry about that. I assure you, they will get better.

Well anyway, I have wanted to write a blog for quite a while now, due to my friend writing quite inspirational blogs on this website. So, I thought, why not? I mean, I enjoy writing a lot, so it only seemed like the best idea.

I’m not going to tell you about myself, as I’m sure you will slowly understand what I am like. And plus, its a secret. So shhhh! (You probably don’t want to read much more of this anyway.) I will leave you now, until next time, of course. I will be back soon, with more to excite you all about. See you then!

P.s. My dog is now making sad noises, as we are both listening to a song, that has been in my head for many hours on end.. On my ownnn, pretending he’s beside mee… all alone… ect..